Technology Planning for Integrated Care & Value-Based Reimbursement

Technology is a critical component to provide value-based care. Leaders face concerns about affordability and required resources. In this session we will explore building a plan that helps executives make choices with confidence, managed them financially, and overcome VBR’s most challenging task – the development of a technology enabled service system that can optimize results.

Best Practices in Marketing, Negotiating and Contracting with Health Plans

Across the country, managed care organization are successfully delivering treatment services to large populations and doing it in a way that saves states significant sums of money. These demonstrated savings show that value-based reimbursement and managed care arrangements aren’t going anywhere, which means that executives of provider organizations must find a way to position themselves to work closely with managed care companies. How? By developing relationships with the payers in your market, considering what metrics they are tied to and how you can help them to meet their performances requirements, discussing how you can align programs and services with the goals of payers and health plans in your market, and providing data that proves your service lines can achieve both high quality outcomes and lower costs.

Organizational Competencies & Best Practices For Succeeding With Managed Care

In an evolving managed care marketplace new payer service delivery requirements and expectations are changing the way community mental health provider organizations deliver traditional mental health services. The partnership between payer and provider has resulted in the alignment of shared goals for timely access to treatment and services, client care coordination, targeted client outcomes, strategic market planning and outreach; and intake and admissions processes. To be successful in this environment, provider organizations must be managed care ready and positioned as a “preferred provider” in this competitive market. You will learn both organizational and technical competencies needed to operate in a managed care environment.