Providing Stability & Innovation During Changing Times: Introducing Paul Ricci, CEO of Qualifacts + Credible

As the instability of the evolving health and human service market continues, executive teams across the nation are facing new and unprecedented challenges. The top question on all of our minds? How can we bring stability to our organizations – and ensure sustainability in the months ahead?

Re-thinking longstanding strategies and adopting new, innovative, customer-focused strategies are rarely ‘top of mind’ for executives operating in uncertain times… but while searching for a ‘roadmap’ to stability, successful leaders often find that innovation is the best path to success.

Monica E. Oss, OPEN MINDS’  CEO, and Paul Ricci, CEO of the newly merged Qualifacts + Credible organization, are two industry leaders who’ve embraced innovation to lead their organizations through current and past market disruptions. Join these two leaders for a unique discussion about how innovation, technology adoption, and customer-focused approaches can be the keys you need to unlock stability for your organization in today’s market.

Preparing For The Unknown: The EHR Functionality To Survive During & After A Pandemic — Results Of The 2020 National Behavioral Health EHR Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic has created substantial change across the entire health and human services industry. As thousands of Americans fell ill, provider organizations were challenged to shift to virtual/remote work and care delivery almost overnight. This required provider organizations to change what was previously considered necessary functionality and focus on a new set of key functionality to survive.

We can see this shift in functionalities in the results of the 2020 National Behavioral Health EHR Survey. Along with understanding changes in purchasing and implementation behavior and the focus on the Core 4 functionalities, we see a need for mobile, cloud-based storage, data mining/business intelligence, social determinants of health data collection and reporting, IT security services, and telehealth functionality. By implementing these functionalities, provider organizations increased their probability of not only surviving the global pandemic, but thrive as the pandemic slows and eventually ends.

This webinar was originally presented on February 16, 2021 by OPEN MINDS Senior Associate Joe Naughton-Travers. During this webinar we reviewed:

  • Findings of the 2020 National Behavioral Health EHR Survey
  • Strategic market trends related to EHR functionality and implementation
  • The importance of investing in EHR functionality to increase their competitive edge

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Building The Leadership Team For Tomorrow

This presentation was delivered by OPEN MINDS Senior Associate Paul Duck on February 11, 2021 at The 2021 OPEN MINDS Performance Management Institute. In the presentation, Mr. Duck discussed how to build a leadership team that brokers new ideas and drives change by leveraging organizational culture; create an engaged workforce that fits with your organization’s culture; and best practices for recruiting and retaining top talent.

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Preparing For The Unknown: A Sneak Peak At The 2020 National EHR Survey Results

The COVID-19 pandemic created substantial change across the health and human services industry. To understand the changes made and planned for EHR functionality during this changing time, we surveyed over 5,000 behavioral health provider organizations on their EHR purchasing and implementation behavioral and functionality status. Get a sneak peak of the 2020 National Behavioral Health EHR Survey results during this session courtesy of Qualifacts + Credible.

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The 2021 OPEN MINDS Performance Management Executive Survey: Where Are We On The Road To Value

The results are in! Download the 2021 OPEN MINDS Performance Management Executive Survey eBook: Where Are We On The Road To Value.

The survey was presented at The 2021 OPEN MINDS Performance Management Institute by OPEN MINDS Chief Executive Officer, Monica E. Oss.

The survey tracks adoption of value-based reimbursement by specialty provider organizations, including the dominant models and performance measures used. The survey will provide direction on how to make sure your organization keeps pace with the rest of the field.

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Succeeding With Value-Based Reimbursement: An OPEN MINDS Executive Seminar On Organizational Competencies & Management Best Practices For Value-Based Contracting

This presentation was delivered on February 10, 2021 at The 2021 OPEN MINDS Performance Management Institute. In the presentation, the speakers discussed how to confirm the foundational components of infrastructure needed for value-based reimbursement (VBR) are in place; how to move from service value concepts linked to VBR to discussions with payers and implementation of new VBR services; and how to implement approaches to realigning their service model to ensure success in a value-driven market.

The presentation speakers included:

  • Ken Carr, Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS
  • Cathy Gilbert, Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS

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New Service Lines & New Revenue Streams: Building A Diversification Strategy & Conducting A Feasibility Analysis

Executive Web Briefing, Sponsored by Qualifacts + Credible 

Relying on a single payer or revenue stream is becoming a risky proposition. Now, more than ever, the ability to evaluate and modify current services and to develop new services to meet the challenges and opportunities in the market is an essential skill all executives need to master.

During this important session, led by OPEN MINDS Senior Associate Joe Naughton-Travers, attendees learned a process for evaluating service line performance and repurposing or launching new revenue streams.

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Leading Through Change: An Interview With David Klements, CEO, Qualifacts + Credible Behavioral Health

This presentation was delivered on October 29, 2020 at The 2020 OPEN MINDS Executive Leadership Retreat. In the presentation, the speakers discussed leadership best practices during one of the most complicated business scenarios—mergers and acquisitions.

The presentation speakers included:

  • David Klements, President & Chief Executive Officer, Qualifacts + Credible
  • Monica E. Oss, Chief Executive Officer, OPEN MINDS

Becoming A CCBHC: What I Wish I Had Known From An Executive Perspective

This presentation was delivered on October 29, 2020 at The 2020 OPEN MINDS Executive Leadership Retreat. In the presentation, the speakers discussed the executive’s role in two major strategy elements when moving toward the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) model, including how to support the team through great “change management” as the CCBHC brings with it new services, new programs, new credential types, and new business processes; and how to prepare the team for an environment of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI).

The presentation speakers included:

  • Sarah Ackerman, MBA, Chief Executive Officer, Western Mental Health Center
  • Mary Givens, Product Manager of Federal Programs, Qualifacts

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The OPEN MINDS Health Plan Partnership Summit: A Guide To Developing & Negotiating Partnership Agreements With Health Plans

This presentation was delivered on October 29, 2020 at The 2020 OPEN MINDS Executive Leadership Retreat. In the presentation, the speakers discussed the development of new partnerships with health plans and new business models for sustainability, including how to understand the needs of payers, reframe the services of typical provider organizations into “solutions” for health plans, negotiate agreements with payers, and build mutually beneficial partnerships with payers in their market.

The presentation speakers included:

  • Paul M. Duck, Senior Associate, OPEN MINDS
  • Robert Bickford, MBA, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Community Behavioral Health
  • Donald Savoie, President & Chief Executive Officer, Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.
  • Margaret Mays, Ph.D., National Vice President, Quality Improvement, Magellan Health
  • James R. Currey, MSIS, Sr. Director, Analytics, Magellan Healthcare Division
  • Angela Hagan, Ph.D., MPA, Associate Director, Population Health Insights, Bold Goal, Office of Health Affairs and Advocacy, Humana, Inc.
  • Melissa Larkin-Skinner, MA, MBA, LMHC, Chief Executive Officer, Centerstone Florida

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