Providing Stability & Innovation During Changing Times: Introducing Paul Ricci, CEO of Qualifacts + Credible

As the instability of the evolving health and human service market continues, executive teams across the nation are facing new and unprecedented challenges. The top question on all of our minds? How can we bring stability to our organizations – and ensure sustainability in the months ahead?

Re-thinking longstanding strategies and adopting new, innovative, customer-focused strategies are rarely ‘top of mind’ for executives operating in uncertain times… but while searching for a ‘roadmap’ to stability, successful leaders often find that innovation is the best path to success.

Monica E. Oss, OPEN MINDS’  CEO, and Paul Ricci, CEO of the newly merged Qualifacts + Credible organization, are two industry leaders who’ve embraced innovation to lead their organizations through current and past market disruptions. Join these two leaders for a unique discussion about how innovation, technology adoption, and customer-focused approaches can be the keys you need to unlock stability for your organization in today’s market.

Building The Leadership Team For Tomorrow

This presentation was delivered by OPEN MINDS Senior Associate Paul Duck on February 11, 2021 at The 2021 OPEN MINDS Performance Management Institute. In the presentation, Mr. Duck discussed how to build a leadership team that brokers new ideas and drives change by leveraging organizational culture; create an engaged workforce that fits with your organization’s culture; and best practices for recruiting and retaining top talent.

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Navigating The New Normal With COVID-19 Part 2: An Update On Sustainable Strategies For The Disrupted Market

This presentation was delivered on June 1, 2020 at The 2020 OPEN MINDS Strategy & Innovation Institute. In the presentation, the speakers discussed the five stages of crisis and business disruption and how they affect your organizations; how to keep employees motivated, engaged, and ready for the future; strategic planning in the ‘new normal’ and short term tactics with long term benefits; and the 12 critical actions successful leaders are taking right now to combat current market challenges.

The presentation speakers included:

  • Monica E. Oss, Chief Executive Officer, OPEN MINDS
  • Charles Ingoglia, President & Chief Executive Officer, National Council for Behavioral Health
  • David Klements, President & Chief Executive Officer, Qualifacts Systems, Inc.
  • Jon Wolf, President & Chief Executive Officer, Pyramid Healthcare, Inc.


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