Value-Based Reimbursement—The Numbers Are In

Greeting from sunny and warm Florida, and from the first day of The 2018 OPEN MINDS Performance Management Institute. Our institute this year is focused on a timely topic—the tools needed to develop and manage sustainable value-based contracts. I opened […]

Coordination, Care & Value-Based Contracting

What is top of mind with thought leaders who are focused on the behavioral health/physical health integration? Four words—engagement, access, availability, and partnership. That was my takeaway from the recent discussion with Charles Gross, Ph.D. the Vice President Behavioral Health/Physical […]

The Strategic Challenges On The Road To Value-Based Reimbursement

We’ve written a lot about the move to value-based reimbursement—what is happening, the contract types, and the provider organization management challenges. To help provider organizations navigate these challenges, my colleague Ken Carr has developed a readiness assessment for value-based reimbursement […]

The Race For Value-Based Reimbursement Continues

To say that this has been a year of uncertainty may be an understatement. We saw a new President and administration, changes in leadership at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), more than one attempt at repealing at […]