Value-Based Reimbursement As Clinical Best Practice Driver

As I’m getting ready to fly to California for our 2017 OPEN MINDS Management Best Practices Institute, I’ve been reflecting on “best practices” in the field. By definition, a best practice is “a procedure that has been shown by research […]

The Tech Equation In Value-Based Reimbursement Success

The shift in provider organization reimbursement from volume to value is visibly happening. We’ve covered many related initiatives – The Business Model Transition To Value-Based Care, Using Pharmacy Data For Performance Improvement In Value-Based Contracts, and Where Are We On […]

The Value-Based Reimbursement Steeplechase

Over the last few days, both at The 2017 OPEN MINDS Strategy & Innovation Institute and in the days following the event, every discussion I’ve had has been all things strategy – shifting market (see Rethinking Your Strategic Competitive Landscape), […]