Event 04/02/2020

Technology Budgeting For Integrated Care & Value-Based Reimbursement

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Providers are becoming more aware of and involved with new reimbursement models. While many can build the internal talent and resources needed to win in the VBR world, technology often seems a barrier that is difficult to overcome. The executives, who often have no technical background, are faced with expensive choices that will require focus and effort to implement. In this session we will explore questions that providers have about their technology decisions:

  • How can they determine if they can afford new technology?
  • What are alternative options if they can’t afford technology at this time?
  • Which options will bring the best return?

This Webinar will explore building a plan that helps executives make choices with confidence, manage them financially, and overcoming VBR’s most challenging task, the development of an EHR systems that can optimize results.

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Featured Speakers

Ray Wolfe, J.D.
Senior Associate

Monica E. Oss, M.S.
Chief Executive Officer